Fun Fact #57
On June 25, 1934, one of the first modern passenger trains in the nation stopped in Oroville.

A Warm Welcome
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A Warm Welcome

Something special .... Butte County ... Let a special lady tell you all about it. Alberta Guiver has been portraying historical characters (not all of them from Butte County) for many years. Her stories and songs take guests through the lives of women like Cornelia Lott, a pioneer woman from Oroville whose home is still open to the public, circa 1900; or Annie Bidwell of Chico, circa 1850; or Clotilde Merlo of Stirling City, circa 1921; or Two Feathers, a Maidu Native American, circa 1860.

Her unusual presentation is as unique as she is but one thing is certain, you'll not forget Alberta's unique Welcome...

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