Fun Fact #15
Bidwell Mansion, a 3-story mansion furnished with Victorian pieces (many having belonged to the Bidwells) has 26 rooms.

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Arts and Culture : Murals

1860's Bidwell Bar Bridge
Beatles' Abby Road mural
Black Bart Stagecoach Robbery & Panning for Gold
Chinese Parade
Dredging for Gold
Fake Windows
Feather River Mining
Greek Columns
Ishi-Last of the Yahi
Miner's Alley Murals
Municipal Center Art Walls
New York Cityscape-outside/inside
Old Time Store Front
Old-Time Farm Scene
Oregon City Bridge
Oroville Airport, WWII
Oroville Montage
Oroville's Antique Cars
Pony Express
Racing Bicylists
Robin Hood
Salem Street Art Walls
Sank Park Gazebo
Sheepherding Village-inside
The Bidwells
The Spacewalker
The Trees
Thomas Edison
Train inside the Depot
Victorian Homes
Western Pacific Train in the Canyon

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