Fun Fact #44
Two new business blocks -- Ohio and Kentucky, near Hazel, were added to Gridley in September 1883.

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Outdoors : Camping

Alder Hwy 32
Almanor Hwy 36
Battle Creek Hwy 36
Benner Creek Hwy 36
Bidwell Canyon
Black Rock Hwy 32
Butte Lake Lassen Park
Butte Meadows Hwy 32
Cherry Hill Hwy 32
Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area
Crags Lassen Park
Domingo Springs Hwy 36
Elam Hwy 32
Gansner Bar Hwy 70
Grizzly Creek
Gurnsey Creek
Halsted Flat Hwy 70
Haskins Valley Hwy 70
High Bridge Hwy 36
Hole in the Ground Hwy 36
Juniper Lake Lassen Park
Lake Almanor Hwy 36
Lake Red Bluff
Lime Saddle
Loafer Creek
Manzanita Lake Lassen Park
Mill Creek Hwy 70
North Fork Hwy 70
Orland Buttes
Philbrook Reservoir Hwy 32
Potato Patch
Queen Lily Hwy 70
Silver Lake Hwy 70
Soldier Meadows Hwy 36
South Antelope Hwy 32
Southwest Lassen Park
Summit Lake North Lassen Park
Summit Lake South Lassen Park
Sundew Hwy 70
Warner Creek Hwy 36
Warner Valley Lassen Park
West Branch Hwy 32
Whitehorse Hwy 70
Willow Springs Hwy 36
Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area

Lime Saddle

A new campground just opened here, the main lake recreation site on the northwest side of the lake. There's a marina and picinic areas too. It's on P...
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